Lactigo Gel Review

Lactigo Gel Review

Stop Muscle Aches With Lactigo 

Lactic acid is one of those necessary evils – no-one enjoys it, but it’s part and parcel of trying to be healthy and active.

Lactic acid build-up affects everyone to some extent, regardless of how or how often we put our lactigo_-_Google_Searchmuscles to work. But the muscle cramps and soreness it can cause can not only make it painful for us to keep on being active, it can also be a powerful knock to our motivation levels.

But it looks like the end may be in sight thanks to a groundbreaking new treatment, Lactigo.

Let’s find out more…

Lactigo’s Formula

There are two main ingredients at play here – Magnesium and Carnosine.

Carnosine is clinically proven to delay the onset of muscle fatigue and cramp, increase stamina and support improved physical performance. What’s more, both carnosine and magnesium are known to have a cushioning effect that supports the body’s muscle during exercise and lowers recovery time.

How to Use Lactigo Gel

Massage a small amount of the general directly onto problem areas. You should find that your cramps and aches fade in around 30-45 minutes.

To extend your workouts, before you start exercising, apply Lactigo to the muscles that you intend to work on…. Its unique formula will help reduce lactic acid build up, allowing you to work out for longer – ultimately boosting results

User Feedback

LactiGo4Pretty much all feedback is rock solid here.

There’s a healthy amount of positive reviews here from professional athletes, select olympians as well as everyday gym goers who are really happy with their results of using Lactigo.

These people claim that product fully delivers on its promises, easing muscle burn, pains, aches and cramps to boost stamina and endurance and make workouts easier than before. Faster recovery between sessions is also repeatedly mentioned by happy users here.

In fact, there doesn’t appear to be anything by way of criticism from people who have tried this treatment.

Any Side Effects?

You’d usually expect to see some negativity among so much happy feedback – you’ll be pleased to hear that that’s not the case with Lactigo.

Where To Buy Lactigo

Take your pick – there are three options here. Firstly, you have the manufacturer at, or you can visit

A 100ml one-month supply will cost you $32.50 (£24.75).

Any Cash-Back Guarantee?LactiGo3 copy

Although its not (yet) made clear on the website, we do understand that the makers will accept returns and give refunds.. – see terms and conditions on main website

Our Thoughts

Lactic acid build up affects everybody who works out or competes in sport… Lactigo is a unique, and in our view essential addition to your gym bag…Quite frankly – IT WORKS!

Eliminate the Pain Of Lactic Acid Buildup

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