A1 Sports Agmatine Review

A1 Sports Agmatine Review

Unlocking your workout potential with Agmatine

While L-arginine is a firm staple in many muscle building products, its by-product agmatine is also claimed to be just as powerful when it comes to building and maintaining muscle mass, too.

A1 Sports Agmatine harnesses the power of agmatine, delivering a potent blast of agmatine directly to where it matters to truly turbo-charge workouts. Improved endurance, peak athletic performance and speedier recovery are all promised, but this supplement also claims to support overall wellbeing like healthy body composition and the production of LH and GH.image_prodprod670014_largeImage_X_450_white

Let’s see if A1 Supplements deliver the goods in reality.

A1 Sports Agmatine’s Formula? 

There’s nothing to hide here – A1 sports agmatine contains nothing but 250mg of agmatine sulfate per serve.

Directions for Use

Take four capsules upon waking with food, with another two capsules around 30-45 minutes before working out.

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User feedback

The Good

The vast majority of reviews say that this product facilitates fantastic, sustained muscle pump – in fact, this seems to be the major selling point of A1 Sports Agmatine. Improved endurance, intense workouts, delayed fatigue, improved energy and focus are also cited by many users. Feedback also suggests that this product helps clear the mind, enabling users to really attack their workouts.

The Bad

agmatine_supp_factsThe price is a sore point for many people, however, with numerous reviews claiming the cost of the product is far too high.

Some users mention experiencing severe headaches when using A1 Supplements Agmatine, and a handful of reviewers claim they didn’t see any results when using this product.

Where to buy A1 Sports Agmatine

You can buy A1 Sports Agmatine directly from the manufacturer at A1supplements.com, where it costs $29.99 for 120 capsules. It can also be found at Amazon.co.uk, Bodybuilding.com, iHerb.com, Predatornutrition.com, Powerbody.co.uk and a host of other well-know retailers.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

A1 Sports Nutrition does have a ‘refunds’ section on its website, but frustratingly this isn’t populated with any information. We suggest getting in touch with the manufacturer for more detail on its refund policy.

Our Thoughts

The choice of ingredient surprises us somewhat… our research tells us that there is actually no clinical testing or studies available that has actually proved any energy boosting effects of agmatine whatsoever..

The sole effects of agmatine supplementation do seem to be limited to pain relief, or improving the perception of pain…. we have also uncovered some information that leads us to understand that it actually regulates nitric oxide, and reduces elevated levels of this essential compound…

When nitric oxide is an essential component of increased vascularity and blood flow, we cannot understand why this product uses this ingredient.. our research leads us to believe that it offers no pre-workout benefits whatever.

We Strongly Recommend That You Look Elsewhere…

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