Applied Nutraceuticals Drive Review

Applied Nutraceuticals Drive Review

Drive Your Workout Like Never Before

It can be difficult to sustain drive and motivation in the gym, especially if you’re working towards tough muscle building or weight loss goals. A pre-workout supplement, however, can have an explosive effect on your workout, enabling yourself to push further than ever image_28161_original_X_450_whitebefore.

Drive by Applied Nutraceuticals uses a blend of five powerful ingredients to decrease body fat and turbo-charge muscle pump and vascularity. Here we get the facts, and go straight to people who have tried it to see what’s what.

What’s in Applied Nutraceuticals Drive’s Formula?

Applied Nutraceuticals fully discloses the formula in Drive. Here’s what it contains:

A4E2 ATP synthase proprietary blend (354mg) – cordyceps, cuscuta chinensis and citrus paradisis macfaydven

StAR 3.5 anaplex proprietary blend (146mg) – Epimedium Grandiflorum and Coleus Forskolii

Here’s a quick rundown of Drive’s fundamental ingredients:

Cordyceps – traditionally known to support the reproductive organs, slow down ageing and prevent fatigue. It’s also linked with boosting testosterone levels, and endurance.

Cuscata Chinensis – it’s been suggested that this supports testosterone production, promotes a healthy testosterone/estrogen ration and has positive anabolic effects.

60QSBSGAA_infoNaringin – this helps compounds like caffeine be more effect, and also supports testosterone levels.

Icarin – this is known to boost anabolism and maintain a healthy testosterone/cortisol ratio.

Forskolin – this can have powerful fat burning effects and acts as a powerful anabolic agent. It’s also a potent energy booster.

Directions for Use

Take Drive on an empty stomach upon waking, then take another dose before working out or in the afternoon. Don’t take within three hours of sleeping. Depending on your weight, dosages can vary. Here’s what the manufacturer recommends:

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User feedback

Feedback for Drive is quite strong – users are generally positive about the supplement and are pleased with the way it supports energy, focus, muscle building, strength increases and endurance. Its strong muscle pump properties are also mentioned by many users, as is the motivation it provides.

Many people have also experienced improved recovery times and less muscle soreness when taking Drive, and many believe that it enables them to do much more reps than usual. In fact, there are a fair amount of raving reviews about this product.

There are a handful of reviews, however, from people who have tried this product but haven’t seen any noticeable results. These are far outweighed by positive reviews, however.

Where to buy Applied Nutraceuticals Drive

You can either buy this supplement directly from the manufacturer at or at a range of online sites including,,, or Cost-wise, you’re looking at around $33 for 110 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

New, unopened items can be returned to the manufacturer within 30 days for full refund, however there doesn’t seem to be a refund available for if you’ve used the supplement and are unhappy with it.

Our Thoughts

This product is rather different to most other preworkout supplements, a number of the ingredients are not usually found in pre workout products, and it is missing many of the more more usual stimulants, vitamins and amino acids that we have come to expect…

In our opinion, it seems to be lacking somewhat, we are not convinced that all the positive reviews are genuine, and we do find it hard (at the moment) to put our backing behind it… maybe with time and more reviews we may reconsider, but at the moment we find it hard to recommend..

A guarantee that includes opened and part used packs would increase our confidence somewhat…

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