Applied Nutraceuticals RPM Review

Applied Nutraceuticals RPM Review

Break through your workout barriers with RPM

Explosive energy, drive and focus and unprecedented muscle hardness and pump – sound tempting? RPM by Applied Nutraceuticals promises to deliver exactly that to your workouts,104733 every day.

Claiming to be the original and best pre-workout supplement, RPM delivers a powerful dose of icariin to support strength increases and muscle pump to leave you lean and mean. What’s more, it promises all this within 45 minutes. But does it deliver in reality? We delve into the details.

What’s in Applied Nutraceuticals RPM’s Formula?

Here’s a quick rundown of RPM’s key ingredients:


Central to the production of nitric oxide, which is integral to increasing lean muscle mass

Grape seed

This supports increases in free testosterone, which helps longer and more intense workouts, increases in strength and recovery times and the ability to burn fat.


Known for its impressive effects on anabolism and its support of a healthy testosterone/cortisol ratio. This helps improve anabolism, protein synthesis, increased aggression and intensified muscle contractions.


Linked to supporting a healthy testosterone/estrogen ratio, naringin is thought to facilitate improved circulation of free testosterone.

Cocoa extract

Supports mood, cognitive awareness, and muscle contraction. The EA, tyramine and L-tyrosine found in cacao support brain function, increase athletic ability and prevent fatigue by creating an optimal dopamine/serotonin ration.


Heightens focus and mental alertness, while supporting muscle contraction and coordination.

rpm NutHere’s the complete list of ingredients found in RPM:

P-SARM synthase Al complex (290mg) – L-arginine, grape seed extract, epimedium extract

Methyl AMP complex (210mg) – cacao extract, natural caffeine anhydrous, theobromine

Inactive ingredients: gelatin, USP talc, magnesium carbonate, silicon dioxide, NSF carnuba, candurin silver fine, FD&C red #40

Directions for Use

Take RPM one hour before working out on an empty stomach. The manufacturer recommends starting out with a lower dose if you’re new to the supplement. The greater your weight, the more RPM you can take:

  • Up to 150lbs – 1-2 capsules
  • Up to 200lbs – 3-4 capsules
  • Up to 250lbs – 2-4 capsules
  • 250lbs+ – 3-5 capsules

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User feedback

The Good

Some users claim RPM is the best pre-workout they’ve tried. Quick, intense blasts of energy that keep you going in the gym, impressive muscle pump and improved focus are all mentioned by scores of happy reviewers.

Many people also claim that they’ve experienced improved vascularity, and people are pleased that the supplement stacks effectively with others and doesn’t have any ‘crash’ effects.

The Bad

Some users, however, say the product isn’t as powerful as they’d hoped in terms of energy boosting and focus, and some people have also experienced negative side effects like stomach ache and sickness when using RPM.

Where to buy Applied Nutraceuticals RPM

You’re spoilt for choice – you can buy this supplement directly from the manufacturer at or at a range of other stores including, or and more. 110 capsules cost around $29.99.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

You can send new, unopened items back to Nutraceuticals within 30 days for are refund, but if you’re dissatisfied with the product you will not get a refund…

if you buy from other retailers, the manufacturers guarantee will not apply..

Our Thoughts

A pretty basic pre workout that seems to rely on stimulants to boost energy…. we are not convinced about its ability to really deliver great results, and the fact that the makers will not provide a guarantee that covers opened packs is a big black mark in our books..

There is nothing ultimately wrong with this product, its just that we believe there are better formulated, more reliable pre-workout products out there…

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