Athletic Edge Intraxcell Review

Athletic Edge Intraxcell Review

Breaking The Muscle Building Code With Beta Alanine

In order to build serious muscle mass, it’s essential that your body is in optimal condition before working out. Only then can you truly make the most of your training sessions. Enter pre-workout supplements, a surefire route to ensuring your body is workout ready.image_27537_original_X_450_white

Take Intraxcell by Athletic Edge, which claims to be the original dedicated beta alanine formula. Beta alanine works to combat hydrogen ions, which are released during high intensity workouts and cause fatigue. Beta alanine equals strength and endurance, but do manufacturer’s claims equal real results?

What’s in Athletic Edge Intraxcell’s Formula?

In addition to beta alanine, this simple formula contains the following:

N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) – this increases levels of glutathione in cells – a powerful antioxidant that fights cellular fatigue.

Vitamin E – it has been suggested that this supports carnosine levels

Alpha-lipoic-acid – an antioxidant that boosts levels of NAC and vitamin E

Directions for Use

5600Take one serving (three capsules) twice a day with or without food. On training days, take one serving 15-20 minutes before exercising and another serving straight after.

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User Feedback

The Good

This is a massively popular product that’s backed up by stacks of positive reviews. Many people claim that Intraxcell is their go-to supplement, with scores of people saying they have used the supplement for years and experienced consistently strong results.

Great muscle pump, impressive gains in strength, improved endurance in the gym and hugely powerful tingles are all listed as benefits. All reviews agree that Inraxcell delivers a potent energy rush that enables you to work out more intensely than ever before.

The Bad

While a few rogue reviews from people who didn’t see any results from using Intraxcell do slip through the net, a few users experienced tingling sensations, but the biggest criticism here is the smell – even the most ardent Intraxcell fans say the smell of the product is extremely unpleasant.

Where To Buy Athletic Edge Intraxcell

No products are available to buy at Athletic Edge’s website, but Intraxcell can be found at, Dolphinfitness, Predatornutrition, and It costs around $27.00 (£17.50) for 180 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Sorry – it doesn’t look like the manufacturer offers any kind of money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with its products.

Our Thoughts

Basically if you can stomach the smell, this should provide you with some great results…

A point to mention – Beta alanine has been linked in studies to cause paresthesia – a tingling sensation in the skin.. although unpleasant to experience, its actually quite harmless

More About Beta Alanine

Its a shame that the makers prefer to not protect their buyers by offering a cash back guarantee…

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