Beta Alanine In Preworkout Supplements

The Effects Of Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a version of the natural amino acid called alanine.. It has been shown to enhance muscular and physical endurance and for this reason is a popular ingredient in pre workout supplements.

Commonly found in meat products ( Beef, chicken and pork) along with deep water fish,it is545px-Beta-alanine_structure.svg also a common component found in pre workout supplements

Beta Alanine is sometimes listed on supplement bottles as :

  • Carnosine Precusor

How Does Beta Alanine Work

When ingested, it quickly turns into a molecule called Carnosine, this acts a buffer to lactic acid production, which helps to reduce the stress and fatigue often experienced in muscles after exercise. It is particularly effective in the 60-240 second range ( short term exercises – sprints etc)

Safe Doses

Single daily doses of between 2000 – 5000mg are considered safe… that said, large doses of Beta Alanine have been known to cause paresthesia – a tingling sensation in the skin that although un-nerving and sometimes unpleasant, actually has no ill effects and is completely harmless… This can be reduced by splitting the doses into smaller amounts (around 800-1000mg), spread throughout the day.

Benefits of Beta Alanine

It has been shown to increase:

  • Muscular Endurance
  • Aerobic Running Capability
  • Lean Muscle Mass

It Can Also Reduce:

  • Fatigue
  • Fat Mass


There have been many studies that looked into its fatigue reducing properties.. one study followed college football payers over a 30 day period, they each took 4,500mg per day.

The results were conclusive with all players recording improved training ability and reduced fatigue after intense exercise

Read The Study Here – 


Despite the rare possibility of an unusual side effect in paresthesia when taking extra large doses, the benefits of taking Beta Alanine are well documented and is ideally one ingredient to look for when choosing a pre workout supplement….

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