BSN N.O Xplode Review

BSN N.O Xplode Review

 Can BSN help you Xplode with energy? 

Looking to ignite your workout? Here we put BSN N.O Xplode to the tesno-xplode-dealst to see if user experience really reflects the manufacturer’s claims.

Created by supplement masters BSN, this pre-workout claims to push you further than you ever thought possible while training by supporting energy, endurance and performance. It does this thanks to a complex blend of ingredients including creatine, beta alanine and L-cirtuline malate, plus a complex combination of powerful blends.

This supplement also promises to better connect the mind with the body’s muscles, facilitating a focus that acts as the gateway to incredibly intense workouts. But let’s see if the facts stack up with the tall claims…

What’s in BSN N.O Xplode’s Formula?

This supplement has a massive ingredients list featuring all the pre-workout supplement greats. This includes five signature formulas within its master performance (10.6g per serving) blend, detailed below:


Directions for Use

Mix one scoop of N.O Xplode with four to ounces of cold water. Consume 20-30 minutes before training, and be sure not to take more than two scoops at day.

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User Feedback 

It’s almost gold stars all round for this supplement. However – there are some complaints

  • The taste (which is far from popular with many users),
  • Concerns that using N.O Xplode can interrupt sleep patterns
  • And a number of reviews claiming the energy kick doesn’t last as long as it should.

That said, sentiment here is largely positive.

The most commonly-cited benefits of this product are improved performance when working out, a powerful energy surge that enables users to attack workouts with unprecedented intensity and the ability to go much further in the gym. Improvements in focus and stamina are regularly mentioned, as are marked improvements in muscle soreness after working out. The range of flavours and price seem to go down well with people who have tried the supplement, too.

Where to buy BSN N.O Xplode

N.O Xplode can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at, or from retailers including,, and When purchased from BSN, this supplement costs $58.39 for 30 servings. On, a 1kg tub of BSN N.O Xplode costs £33.99.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

There don’t appear to be any details of a cash back guarantee available on BSN’s website.

Our Thoughts

BSN are a very popular supplement manufacturer, and the majority of their products are top class.. With their popularity, we do feel that they should reward their loyal fans by providing a cash back guarantee on all their products…

And we have to ask – Why Not Fully Disclose Your Formula? You can have all the best ingredients in the world, but if your product does not contain an effective dose, then its not going to work…. We do not like using products that hide the full formula behind undisclosed blends, or matrixes.. quite simply you do not know exactly what you are taking or if you are taking enough of anything for it to actually have an effect…

Could Suit Some Users, But We Do Feel That There Are Better Products Out There….

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What Pre-Workout Should You Buy??

With many hundreds of products to choose from, its not at all easy to tell the good from the bad, the ones that deliver on their promises and the ones that fall flat..

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