BSN Nitrix 2.0 Review

BSN Nitrix 2.0 Review

BSN-Nitrix-2-0-834266005215 Can You Unlock Your Body’s Potential With BSN Nitrix?

Looking to supercharge your workouts? A dietary supplement taken throughout the day,  BSN Nitrix hosts a (we quote) breakthrough formula that boosts the production of nitric oxide to help the blood vessels dilate. This increases muscle volume and pump, while supporting cardiovascular performance, endurance and workout intensity to help users get ripped,quickly.

But does BSN Nitrix do the job? We put it under the microscope.

What’s in BSN Nitrix’s Formula?

BSN Nitrix’s scientifically-formulated blend delivers 3G of creatine each day with no stimulants, which means no dodgy side effects. It contains a combination of BSN’s exclusive ACE3 triple action nitric oxide matrix, CRTS2 controlled release and technology support system and AVPT advanced volumising and performance technology matrixes to deliver essential elements to the body.

BSN Nitrix’s key ingredients include folate acid, L-arginine and creatine. The formula of this blend is not fully disclosed by the manufacturer, instead they put many of the ingredients into a proprietary blend – See Below:


Directions for Use
Take three capsules three times a day, every day. These must always be taken on an empty stomach, as taking BSN Nitrix with food or on a full stomach can stop it from working properly. 30-45 minutes before eating or two hours after is a good guideline to follow, taking three tablets when you wake up, three before lunch and three before dinner.

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User Feedback

BSN Nitrix’s major selling point is the sustained, powerful muscle pump it enables users to experience – there are a number of positive reviews out there citing this as the principal benefit of the product. Other reviews claim that BSN Nitrix adds a new level to workouts and boosts focus so you can push yourself when training.

Many users have seen noticeable differences within short periods of time, and love this supplement because it’s easy to take, has no side effects and helps with recovery and muscle burn.

A Lot Of Pills For Little Gain

On the flip side a large numbers of other reviewers, however, claim that this supplement is just mediocre, as they haven’t experienced any results worth writing home about.

Another criticism is that the dosage is fairly high – nine pills per day – which for users who haven’t experienced strong results is a lot of pill popping for little gain. It has also been mentioned that this supplements tends to be more effective when stacked with other formulas, rather than in its own right,

sample reviews courtesy of amazon


Where to buy BSN Nitrix

A tub of 180 BSN Nitrix pills costs around $37.00 (£25.00), with double that amount of pills representing good value for money at around $58.00 (£40.00). This supplement can be purchased both online at a range of reputable retailers, including Dolphinfitness, Amazon, and Discountsupplements

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

There doesn’t seem to be a manufacturer guarantee with this product, although individual policies may vary depending on the individual retailer.

Our Thoughts

BSN are usually regarded as being a first class supplement manufacturer, with this one, however, it seems that they missed their mark – the undisclosed formula along with the fact that there are too many independent negative reviews out there does not lead us to recommend this supplement in any way.

Could Suit Some Users – But Beware – You Could Be Disappointed

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