Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn Review

Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn Review

Are You Ready To Be Reborn?

White Flood Reborn by Controlled Labs says its Reborneuro Complex is the most advanced pre-workout nitric oxide and energy enhancer out there. So if improved concentration, energy, mood and alertness all float your boat, then you’re in the right place.

This newly-revamped formula is free from artificial colours, fillers and creatine, and WhiteFlood_zps6ecf9f39promises to deliver a blast of clean energy that transforms ordinary, every day workouts. Incredible pumps, endurance and vasodilation are also promised to ensure each workout is intense from beginning to end.

So does the reality live up to the manufacturer’s claims? We take a look…

What’s in White Flood Reborn’s Formula?

White Flood Reborn is available in a range of different flavours including juicy watermelon and furious fruit punch. Its formula contains the following:

  • Vitamin C (200mg)
  • Calcium (25mg)
  • Pottasium (20mg)

EnduroPump Complex

L-carnitine, L-tartrate, L-citruline, beta alanine anhydrous, L-norvaline

Reborneuro Complex

Glucurunolactone, caffeine, schizandra chinesis, evodiamine, vinpocetine

whitefloodrebornsuppfacts_zpsb2a59a77Directions for Use

Mix one serve of white flood reborn with 240ml of water and drink 30 minutes before working out. Don’t take more than one serve a day.

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User feedback

The Good

The majority of user reviews around this product say it does a great job, but there’s also some more critical feedback out there, too. When it comes to results most people praise White Flood Reborn pretty highly, and claim they’ve seen vast improvements in energy levels, focus, muscle pump, endurance, strength and vascularity. People have achieved these results without any negative side effects, crashes or jitters, and users like this product as the energy it delivers is ‘clean’. Numerous people also mention that its price represents great value for money.

The Bad

A number of people are unhappy with the revised formula stating that its nowhere near as good as the original.., they claim that White Flood Reborn isn’t very strong, and some heavier bodybuilders haven’t experience the gains they hoped to see as a result of this. A number of reviews are disappointed at the lack of tingly or ‘wired’ feeling they’re used to with other pre-workouts, and consensus on the negative side seems to be that while this isn’t a bad pre-workout, there’s better out there.

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Where to buy White Flood Reborn

You can pick up White Flood Reborn at the manufacturer’s website,, where it costs $56.00 for 30 serves and $85.99 for 60 serves. It’s also stocked at a number of websites including,,, and ( prices vary)

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

There aren’t any signs of a satisfaction guarantee on the manufacturer’s website.

Our Thoughts

Aside from a healthy dose of caffeine, its hard it tell just how effective this product could be.. with the manufacturers not disclosing just how much of many key ingredients is in the mix ( hiding their full formulas behind those all to common phrase ‘Complex’ ).

The very mixed bag of reviews along with the comments surrounding the revised formula, does not give us too much confidence and with that in mind, we really don’t feel that this is one that we can recommend..

There Are Better Products Out There……

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