Force Factor Body Fortress Super Thermo Blast Review

Force Factor Body Fortress Super Thermo Blast Review

Transform your body into a fat burning furnace

Ready to turn your body into a fat burning furnace? According to Thermo Blast by Body Fortress, it’s easier than you think. This supplement can be taken before working out, before competing or with meals, unleashing a torrent of energy to smash your training goals. Not only this, but this supplement also claims to support improved focus and extreme workout intensity.

With a scientifically-tested formula including three unique blends, Super Thermo Blast offers powerful results at a rock-bottom price. But does it do the job in reality? Let’s take a look…300

What’s in Super Thermo Blast’s Formula?

The formula found in this supplement is fully disclosed by the manufacturer. Here’s what its three unique blends contain:

Thermo-heat blend (680mg)

Caffeine (280mg), green tea extract (200mg), camellia sinensis leaf extract (45mg), white willow bark, white quebracho extract, evodia extract

Neuro-energy blend (216mg)

Xanthinol nicotinate, codonopsis root extract, Indian elecampane root extract, gotu kola plant extract , ginkgo biloba leaf extract, huperzine extract, phosphatidylserine

Shredder blend (204mg)

Sesame seed oil, cayenne pepper, hoodia gordonii, inositol hexanjacinate, yohimbe HCI extract, Bioperine black pepper extract

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Directions for Use

Take three Super Thermo Blast softgels between half an hour and an hour before working out. Don’t exceed three softgels in any 24 hour period.

If you’re new to the supplement the manufacturer recommends starting with just one serve a day to assess your tolerance.

User feedback

There’s isn’t an endless stream of reviews out there on Super Thermo Blast, but the feedback that we can find concerning this supplement from people who have tried it is mostly strong. The quality of the product is viewed positively, and reviews mentioning great results in energy levels, losing stubborn fat, fighting fatigue and the ability to do more in the gym are common. The price is mentioned by most reviews as a steal for the quality you get in return, and users also think that the taste of the softgels is pleasant.

We’ve found just one review saying that the product does not work, so overall sentiment is very positive.

Where to buy Super Thermo Blast

There’s a stack of reputable manufacturers that stock this pre-workout. While not available to buy directly from the manufacturer online, Super Thermo Blast can be found at, and, and costs around $10.00 for 90 softgels.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

We can’t find any evidence of a money-back satisfaction guarantee on the manufacturer’s website,

Our Thoughts

This product is packed with stimulants, but one ingredient raises some real concerns… the inclusion of Yohimbe is really worrying… Its banned in many countries, and although it is still currently legal to buy in the US, it is actually on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list… It has been linked to some quite nasty side effects that include

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Renal Problems
  • Heart Issues

For this single reason, we strongly recommend that you give this one a wide berth…

Look For a Product That Fully Discloses Its Formula And Avoid Dangerous Ingredients Like Yohimbe

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