GAT Nitraflex Review

GAT Nitraflex Review

Will GAT Nitroflex Give You That Extra Boost Of Energy AND Boost Testosterone????

This product is a really popular one, with around 1 million bottles sold in the last 3 years, there must be something special in this supplement.81ycs1As6XL._SL1500_-245x300

A natural Preworkout Supplement it promises to not only boost energy levels but boost testosterone too..

Really? we wonder could this really do both?

We were curious to see if this really could be the perfect product..

Claimed to:

  • Be The Worlds Most Potent Pre-Workout Formula
  • Will Enhance Testosterone Production
  • Provide Explosive Pumps
  • Free Of Creatine – Will Not Cause Water Retention and Bloating

This one has been designed for the experienced bodybuilder – especially for those who feel they have hit a wall and finding it difficult to reach the next level.

What’s in the Formula

Made up of three proprietary blends that total 7365mg each serving.

They include a mix of natural stimulants together with a mix of amino acids, plus an extract of boron.

See Bottle Label:



Take 1 Scoop Daily in water…

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Consumer Feedback:

Varied reviews pretty much across the board..  Quite a few users reported a good improvement in energy levels, pumps and recovery time.

The downside – some reported no real improvement on any level.

On Amazon there were a lot of guys who bought the supplement and to their amazement found they were sent out of date products.  We have to say that this could be down to Amazon, but be careful to check dates if you buy..

sample reviews courtesy of amazonAmazon_com__Customer_Reviews__GAT_Clinically_Tested_Nitraflex_Testosterone_Enhancing_Pre_Workout__Blue_Raspberry_300_Gram

Side Effects

Headaches, sickness and energy dips have been reported.. one user told us that he almost ended up in ER after taking this supplement (naturally there is no real proof that Nitraflex was responsible).

Where To Buy

Most online stockists including, Amazon, GNC,  You can expect to pay between $26 and the suggested selling price of $62.99 for a tub contain 30 servings.

Any Cash Back Guarantees

None Provided

Our Verdict

Products that claim to multitask tend to make us jittery (pardon the pun) In our experience a good product with effective results usually does just one thing. No confusion, good plain old fashioned ‘you know where you are’ results.  If you want a pre workout supplement great that is what you look for.  If it’s T boosting you are after then that is what you should go for.  It is very hard to produce a dual acting supplement that contains enough of each ingredient to really work..

Calcium Fructoborate is a form of Boron.  It has in tests shown fairly good increases in testosterone levels.. Nitraflex does not show just what amount is in the mix..  we simply cannot tell if there is enough in the mix to have any effect.

They have included a good blend of amino acids in the mix which should provide a good boost to energy levels..  Once again the makers prefer to keep the actual amounts of each ingredient under wraps – If we knew the exact amounts would make it much easier to see if it will a good effect.

We must share our concerns about one ingredient – it is shown on the ingredient list as Raulwolscine.. this is a source of yohimbine – an alkaloid that is banned in many countries, it is however still technically allowed in the US.  It is however on the FDA’s dangerous ingredients list has been linked to some nasty side effects including:

  • Headaches
  • Panic Attacks
  • Dizzyness
  • Anxiety
  • Arrhythimia (Irregular Heart Rate)
  • Renal Failure

For This reason we feel unable to give Nitraflex a recommendation.. The risk to health is just too great ..  Any positive results, in our opinion, don’t outweigh the risks.

Our Suggestion

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