Millennium Sports Cre-02 Review

Millennium Sports Cre-02 Review

Unleash the power of creatine

An effective pre-workout supplement can be the ultimate weapon for people looking tocre-02 build serious muscle mass. What’s more, Millennium Sports’ top-selling creatine supplement claims to do exactly that, using four different forms of creatine to increase strength, endurance and energy when working out.

With its tri-phase, pH-delivered stomach stable creatine and oxygen utiliization support matrix, this supplement certainly has all the right buzzwords. But is it a case of all talk and no action? We put Sports Cre-02 to the test.

What’s in Millennium Sports Cre-02’s Formula?

Cre-02 contains the following ingredients:

Millennium_Sports_Cre-02The ATP-02 Endurance Matrix – contains the powerful adaptogens jiaogulan, rhodiola and ciwujia.

Jiaogulan is commonly used in Asia to support cardiac and lung function, oxygen use, endurance, stamina, immune function, sleep, mental clarity energy. It’s also linked to increased nitric oxide levels for improved endurance and performance.

Rhodiola Rosea – supports oxygen absorption, saturation and utilization, while promoting mental clarity, focus and willingness to work.

ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) – mimics insulin’s antioxidant effects and enables the muscles to absorb more glucose.

This can help with increased pump, amino acid transport, creative levels and fat accumulation.

Directions for Use

Take three tablets 90-120 minutes before weightlifting or working out, preferably on an empty stomach.

You should take this supplement on non-workout days, too. People weighing over 200 pounds can take up to five tablets daily.

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User feedback

Good news – out of the small number of reviews available for this product, they are largely positive. Consistent strength gains, improvements in vascularity and intense workouts are all mentioned by numerous users, and feedback also shows that this supplement is fast acting.

While results here are largely strong, the price point is an issue for some people, and a small amount of feedback mentions uncontrollable jitters as an unwelcome side effect – no doubt due to the high level of stimulants in the mix.

Where to buy Millennium Sports Cre-02

You can buy this supplement from the manufacturer’s website at, where it costs $59.99 for 90 tablets. You can also purchase Cre-O2 at,,, and On Amazon’s UK website, a tub of 90 tablets retails for £32.90.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

If Cre-02 isn’t right for you, Millennium Sports will offer a full refund (less shipping and undisclosed handling fees) within 60 days of purchase. This does include opened packs…

Buying from other retailers is not covered by the makers guarantee..

Our Thoughts

Overall a decent product that does seem to largely deliver on its promises…the reports of the shakes or jitters is something to be aware of.. but if you can tolerate strong coffee, you should be fine with this product…..

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