Muscle Fortress Vaso-Pump Hot Start Review

Muscle Fortress Vaso-Pump Hot Start Review

Heat up your workouts with Vaso-Pump Hot Start

Hitting a plateau when working out can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re on a targeted muscle-building program. If your training sessions are beginning to become a case of all pain, no gain, a pre work-out supplement could be the answer for you.

Here’s an example – Vaso-Pump Hot Start by Muscle Fortress. This creatine-based supplement uses a powerful blend of ingredients to support explosive muscle pump and foster synergy between the mind and muscles to propel you through workouts like neverimage_24192_original_X_450_white before.

What’s more, at the same time it claims to help protect muscles against damaging free radicals and helps cells adapt to the stress of intense training. Let’s see how it performs…

What’s in Vaso-Pump Hot Start’s Formula?

The manufacturer fully discloses Vaso-Pump Hot Start’s formula, which contains the following:

Magnesium, as amino acid chelate (100mg)

Arginine blend (1500mg)

Arginine ethyl ester, arginine orotate

Hot start nootropic amplifier (215mg) 

Green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, nootropamine

Antioxidant complex (55mg)

Resveratrol 50%, vitamin E as di-alpha tocopherol, CoQ10

Nitric boost (50mg)

Citruline malate, gynostemma pentaphyllium 95%, rutaecarpine

Other ingredients

Gelatin, rice flour, magnesium stearate

Muscle_Fortress_Vaso-Pump_Hot_Start_at_Bodybuilding_com__Lowest_Prices_for_Vaso-Pump_Hot_StartDirections for Use

Take two capsules three times a day or three capsules twice daily on an empty stomach, one 30 minutes before meals and/or working out.

The manufacturer recommends drinking at least 64 oz. of water each day when using this supplement, whilst ensuring carbohydrate intake doesn’t fall below 40% of your daily calorie intake.

Don’t take Vaso-Pump Hot Start late in the day as its stimulant content could cause sleeplessness.

User feedback

Its a strange one, but its impossible to find any independent user reviews anywhere…. surely someone must have tried it??

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Where to buy Vaso-Pump Hot Start

You can buy this supplement from the manufacturer at, where it costs around $52.00 for 180 capsules. It can also be found at online retailers including,, and

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

There is a return functionality on the manufacturer’s website, but no clear information on terms and conditions is available, so we have no idea on the process, the term or wether it applies to opened packs.. You have to fill in a form quoting order details etc before you discover if you can claim a refund or not.

Buying elsewhere, there are no guarantees whatsoever..

Our Thoughts

The distinct lack of reviews is worrying….when you look at the formula, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at a fat burning supplement.. many of the ingredients do seem to be more geared for that purpose.. it does contain caffeine, so it will give a boost to energy, but tits likely that any energy rush it delivers will be short-lived..

Not For Us – May suit some but we believe that most of you will find it lacking in all areas….

Look Elsewhere – Thats Our Recommendation

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