Natural Pre-workout Ingredients

Popular Ingredients Found In Pre-Workout Supplements

With an almost infinite choice of pre workout supplements out there, its not always easy to know at a glance, which supplements actually work and those that don’t… going further, its imagesthe formula in these products that will ultimately determine it’s success or failure.

We have taken an in-depth look at many of the common ingredients found in pre-workout supplements and provide detailed information on any clinical trials that either confirm or deny their effectiveness..

Hopefully this information will assist you in making the right choice for you and your requirements when choosing a pre-workout supplement.

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Popular Ingredients

Caffeine – (one of the most popular ingredients – known to boost metabolism and energy levels)

l-Arginine – (commonly thought to help boost Nitrix Oxide (NO) and boost flood flow – studies have however recorded a mixed bag of results)

Creatine – (Popular ingredient found in many pre workout supplements and also as a standalone product.. results are effective, but not very long-lasting)

Capsaicin – (The component in red chilli peppers that gives them their heat, known to boost metabolism, increasing energy and boosting fat burning while suppressing appetite – although its affects are well documented, there has been minimal testing especially on Humans)

Beta Alanine – (Clinically proven ingredient, that helps to reduce the effects of lactic acid build up – reducing muscle fatigue.. large doses could cause skin tingling sensation, but although sometimes unpleasant is actually harmless)

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