NiacinMax Pre Workout Supplement Review

NiacinMax Pre Workout Supplement Review

The Alternative To Regular Pre-Workout Supplements

Are you fed up with trying different pre workout supplements?? Are you still struggling to find one that actually works?..

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box-homeDo you know about the effects of Niacin on the body?? did you know that it can help dilate the blood vessels, increasing more blood flow, boosting the supply of crucial oxygen to our body, muscles and our brain, which ultimately helps give us more energy, improves performance levels and helps boost both focus and concentration…

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Introducing NiacinMax

Niacin Max is a unique pre workout supplement in that it is not supplied as a powder or in pill form, instead it is a super fine, dissolvable  film that when applied to the tongue, melts in seconds to pass a concentrated 75mg dose of Niacin ( another name for Vitamin B3) straight into the blood stream..

The Resulting Effects Include:

Increased flow of oxygen rich blood throughout the body nurturing the brain and muscles, boosting energy levels, performance and ultimately the results from your workouts.

Niacin has also been proven to increase the natural production of HGH by up to 600%, this natural hormone is one of the essential building blocks of muscle growth..

The Ingredients In NiacinMax

The key ingredient in each strip is 75mg of pure Niacin

Using NiacinMax

The directions are simple…. upon waking and before you eat breakfast, apply one strip to the tongue… maximum results can be improved by taking a second film later in the day ( 3-4 hours before bedtime) but this is only generally recommended if you work out daily or at least 5 times a week..

Users Feedback

There is not (yet) too much users feedback out there.. as a new product it takes time for results from independent users to filter through and just as soon as feedback is available we will post it here… We were able to chat to some of the guys who tried the strips as part of the makers research and development and their feedback and responses are very encouraging with reports of noticeable increases in energy and performance right from the start…

img-600percent-clock1Reported Side Effects

There are no adverse reports so far coming through, in truth Niacin is usually considered very safe to take… It does have one quirk however…. some users experience a slight tingling and redness ( flushing) around their neck, arms and chest around 10 minutes after using the strip… this is a perfectly natural and safe effect of the increased flow of oxygenated blood passing though the body and is actually a sign that the product is working..

This is called a Niacin Flush is and is usually short lived ( lasting around 10 minutes) and its effects usually reduce each time you take the strip as your body becomes accustomed to the effects…

Where To Buy NiacinMax

The best place to order NiacinMax is direct from the makers at there you can order a months supply for $39.99 ( $29.99)

There are some good offers for larger orders and we suggest the 2 box package as great value….when you order 2 boxes you get a 3rd box TOTALLY FREE.. this costs you $79.98 (£59.98)

Satisfaction Or Your Money Back

NiacinMax is sold with comprehensive 67 day cash back guarantee that assures you of a full 67day-guaranteerefund if, after using as directed, you fail to experience the benefits of this supplement..

Final Thoughts

The pre workout market is packed with products and can be rather confusing….Niacinmax is a proven and 100% safe way of quickly boosting your energy levels and performance before you workout… its convenient too… no measuring and mixing powder, you can take whenever and wherever you are.. unlike pills it does not need any water to help it ‘go down’

Clinical studies on the effects of Niacin are plentiful and they can all be read on the official website.

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised when we learnt more about NiacinMax strips, and it’s certainly a product that we suggest our readers try…

You Can Buy NiacinMax Direct From

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