Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Review

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Review

Can Optimum Nutrition help you strike gold?

You know the drill – you’re searching for a pre-workout supplement to give your workoutsimage_prodprod2490042_largeImage_X_450_white an added edge, you look at what’s out there and find yourself bombarded by thousands of supplements all claiming to transform your muscle building abilities. But what’s the truth?

Here we get straight to the facts about Gold Standard, a powder-based supplement by Optimum Nutrition that’s the industry’s best-selling whey protein powder. Let’s see if its promises to overhaul your workouts stack up.

What’s in Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard’s Formula?

Available in a whopping 15 flavours including rocky road, cookies and cream and double rich chocolate, Gold Standard keeps its ingredients nice and simple, and they include:

  • Protein blend – whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and whey peptides
  • Cocoa (processed with alkali)
  • Artifical flavor, lecithin, acesulfame potassium, aminogen and Lactase

Ingredients stated above are for double rich chocolate flavor.

For the full ingredient list – see label image:

goldstandard-preworkout-factsGold Standard’s 100% whey formula contains whey protein isolates that are over 90% pure protein, with each serving packing an impressive 24g of protein. And as any fitness lover knows, protein is the Holy Grail when it comes to building and repair muscle tissue (and burning fat!)

A serving also includes 5.5g branch chain amino acids and just 1g of fat and sugar and 3g of carbohydrate.

Directions for Use

Simply add one rounded scoop to 180-200 ml of water or other beverage. This supplement is best when taken in the morning and/or 30 minutes before or after working out.

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User Feedback 

Many users have seen some great results when using Gold Standard – improvements in strength, muscle growth, energy and tone are all regularly mentioned in reviews of this product. In fact, many people claim this is the only supplement they will buy – and the best on the market.

Improved muscle recovery is also mentioned by some users as a big plus point, too. Other comments are that it mixes well and is easy to incorporate into meals and snacks if you’d prefer not to consume as a shake. Overall, feedback is generally positive and indicates that this is a top quality product.

A number of people, however, have experienced stomach upset when using Gold Standard, and the taste, while it has its fans, comes under intense scrutiny.

For some users, they have found that the expected energy rush didn’t happen…. with just mild effects being experienced…..

Where to buy Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

You can purchase Gold Standard 100% whey directly from Optimum Nutrition at Onacademy.co.uk, where it costs $44.58 (£29.99) for 29 servings or $77.50 (£51.99) for 74 servings. This supplement is also widely available at outlets including Discount-supplements., Bodybuilding.com, HollandandBarratt and Amazon.com.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Customers from the EU can (when buying form the official website) return Optimum Nutrition supplements within 14 days of receipt to be considered for a refund. The full details of how this works can be found on the official website

Our Thoughts

Nice and simple – a good balance of protein that will definitely help to boost and maintain results form the gym…. It does lack some other key ingredients found in many of the top rated products that can provide that really strong energy rush that many of you are looking for, but overall a good all round product that should suit both male and female gym goers..

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