Personal Hydroslim Preworkout Review

Hydroslim Preworkout Review

Evolution Slimming’s Latest Preworkout Powder


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Popular Supplement manufacturers Evolution Slimming have released a pre workout supplement .. called Hydroslim, it is powder based and looks very promising..  It is a thermogenic enhancing, energy boosting drink that provides extra energy to help boost workouts and results..

Hydroslim is a great way to start the day, even when not working out, to help increase your focus and energy levels.

The Formula In Hydroslim

The Full formula per serving contains

  • Gamma Buyrobetaine
  • Wild Nutmeg
  • Tyrosine
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Gugglestone
  • Caffeine
  • Salacia Reticulata
  • Green Tea Extract

The makers disclose everything except how much of each of the key ingredients are in the mix, they have decided to group them all together under the umbrella of proprietary matrix blend – the amount of this total (per serving) is also unknown.

How To Take

The makers recommend 1 scoop mixed with 300-400 ml of water..  take 15 minutes before working out for best results.


Consumer and My Own Personal Feedback

In the absence of any recorded independent user reviews, I took it upon myself to try it out…

By adding one scoop to 400 mls of water gave me a pretty nice tasting orange drink that mixed quite well… ( I had a little bit of powder left at the bottom, but on hindsight I should have put it into my mixer bottle and not used a spoon to mix it in just a glass)

The energy boost wasn’t exactly mind-blowing, but I definitely feel that it gave me the extra push to complete a rather lengthy and hard personal training session… more than I would usually do at once… another plus point was that there was no energy crash often associated with some other pre-workouts out there, and overall i felt that it did a pretty good job… I will keep using it and will return with some more feedback after I have taken it a few more times..

Side Effects

None Reported to date

Where To Buy Hydroslim

Available directly from the Evolution website, with a tub containing 20 servings costing you £19.99 ($29.99)

Cash Back Guarantee

Evolution Slimming offer a 30 day cash back guarantee with all orders

Our Verdict

This pre workout drink does appear to offer some good results to athletes, gym goers and bodybuilders, both men and women could benefit from Hydroslim..  It would be nice if the makers had fully disclosed the formula as without the full picture it is hard to make a real assessment of how good a supplement will be..

From my own personal experiences so far, i found it gave a decent, long lasting energy boost without the ‘crash’ as it wears off… –

“I rate it quite highly and certainly recommend it to anybody…”

I must say also that Evolution Slimming have an excellent track record with a reputation for delivering well thought out, effective products..  They back their product fully with a 30 day cash back guarantee, which does show how confident they are in this supplement..

They have always treated their customers with consideration..  Shame that more companies didn’t follow their lead.

Why Not Buy and Give It A Try?

You Can Order Hydroslim By Clicking Here To Go To The Official Website

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