Pro Supps Mr Hyde Review

Pro Supps Mr Hyde Review

Say Hello to Mr Hyde

Ready for explosive energy in your workouts? Mr Hyde by Pro Supps promises to blow your workouts out of the water by delivering an incredible blast of sustained energy with its three- stage caffeine blend. 818gzNNFz+L._SL1500_

This pre-workout claims to be the most extreme and effective supplement on the market, and is packed with proprietary blends that deliver powerful muscle building ingredients like creatine and agmatine sulfate to support gains in size and strength.

If unbelievable pump, focus and endurance sound like your bag, read on to see if Mr Hyde delivers the goods.

What’s in Pro Supps Mr Hyde’s Formula?

Mr Hyde’s formula is fully disclosed – here are the details:

Beta alanine (2500mg)*
Creatine hydrochloride (1000mg)
L-Leucine (500mg)
Agmatine sulfate (500mg)
L-citrulline aspartate 1:1 (500mg)
Caffeine anhydrous (300mg)
Infinergy™ (dicaffeine malate) (69mg)
Caffeine citrate (50mg)
Pikatropin™ (pikamilon) – (50mg)
Octopamine HCI (15mg)
Nobile orchid (5mg)

61goTnQVM1LOther Ingredients:

Natural and artificial flavor, sucralose, silica, FD&C red #40, soy lecithin

Amounts per serving

Directions for Use

Mix one scoop of Mr Hyde with 240ml of cold water and consume 15-30 minutes before training. Don’t use this supplement within four hours of sleeping, and don’t take any other product with caffeine when using Mr Hyde.

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User Feedback

The Good

There’s some good feedback here – many users mention being able to work out for longer than before`1 and at higher intensity levels when using this supplement. Extreme muscle pump and huge improvements in focus are also stated by many users who have tried this product, with some even claiming it’s the best pre-workout they’ve tried.

The Bad

There are some niggles, though. Negative feedback includes the unpleasant flavor (which some even describe as unbearable), the fact that the product doesn’t mix well and that the product is only suitable for super-intense workouts as it almost gives too much energy. Many people who have tried Mr Hyde claim that it’s overrated and doesn’t live up to its promises.

A number of reviews also mention negative side effects – stomach issues, tingles, headaches, extreme shaking and elevated heart rate are mentioned by multiple users.


Where to buy Pro Supps Mr Hyde

It couldn’t be easier to get your hands on Mr Hyde – in addition to the manufacturer’s website at, you can also find this product at retailers including, Bodybuildingwarehouse., Thevitaminsehoppe, Muscleandstrength and Amazon – take your pick!

Mr Hyde costs anything from $33.99 – $59.99 for 40 servings.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Pro Supps doesn’t offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee with this product.

Our Thoughts

The sister product to Dr Jekyll, and every bit as interesting to review…its very high in stimulants which will not suit everybody…

Another ingredient – Beta Alanine is a very successful ingredient with some good clinical studies behind it.. it does however have a recognised side effect in that it can cause skin tingling – although unpleasant is not actually harmfull.. ideally its better taken at a dose of around 1000mg ( Mr Hyde Contains 2500mg) as this amount has been shown to not cause any problems.. that said its a very well researched and has been proven to be effective..

More About Beta Alanine

Overall, aside from a lack of a cash back guarantee ( which puts us off to be honest) there is very little to find wrong about Mr Hyde…If you can tolerate large amounts of stimulants, you should be fine..

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