Cellucor NO3 Chrome Review

Cellucor NO3 Chrome Review

Love the intensity of the muscle pump? The tight, swelling feeling in the muscles that proves your workout is hitting the spot is a hugely rewarding and fulfilling for people looking to build muscle.

The good news is that there’s a plethora of pre-workout supplements out there to makepGNC1-10142238dt this is a reality – here we take a look at Cellucor NO3 Chrome, a product that claims to help maximise the pump. Let’s see if the facts back up the claims…

What’s in Cellucor NO3 Chrome’s Formula?

Cellucor NO3 Chrome uses a unique form of nitric oxide, arginine nitrate (which combines L-arginine and nitrate) to give users long-lasting, powerful muscle pumps to support the development of lean muscle.

Cellucor NO3 Chrome’s formula contains the following ingredients:

  • Arginine nitrate (1250mg)
  • Extreme Vascularity Complex – totalling 750mg – contains unspecified amounts of nitrosigine, inositol-stabilised arginine silicate, citruline malate and grapeseed extract.
  • Vitamin C (83mg)
  • Calcium (10mg)

Directions for Use

cellucorNO3-supplement-facts-panelTake one serving of three capsules each day on an empty stomach one hour to 90 minutes before training. Never take more than six capsules in any 24 hour period.

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User Feedback

The reviews surrounding Cellucor NO3 Chrome are somewhat of a mixed bag.

On the one hand, many reviewers are happy with the supplement, and explain that given time and hard work in the gym, this supplement is powerful and effective in areas like long-lasting muscle pump, muscle building, toning and post-workout recovery. Other highlights are that Cellucor NO3 Chrome is great for stacking with other products and doesn’t have any uncomfortable side effects.

Not everything is positive, though. A number of users don’t seem to have reaped the benefits the manufacturer claims, and are not even sure of what the supplement is supposed to do. Some people have claimed that this product increases muscle pump to the extent that the muscles become tight and it’s difficult to lift heavy loads.

The positive reviews, however, do outweigh any negative comments.

Where to buy Cellucor NO3 Chrome

This supplement is available direct from the manufacturer at Cellucor.com alongside a number of other retailers including Amazon.com, bodybuilding.com and Dolphinfitness. It costs around $47.45 (£32.00) for 90 capsules, and can also be purchased in quantities of 180 from the manufacturer.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

The manufacturer offers a no-exception 100% satisfaction guarantee with this product, so if you’re not happy with the results after 30 days, you’ll receive a full money back guarantee. (conditions apply – see website for details)

Our Thoughts

Cellucor do overall, have a good general reputation and the majority of their products are quite effective…. overall the mixed bag of users feedback plus the manufacturers decision to not disclose the full details of their key group (complex) of ingredients worries us somewhat… we know whats in it and the total serving amount,  but we don’t now how much of each individual ingredient is in it (and therefore how effective it could be)…

Could work for some users – especially newbies trying their first pre workout supplement, we do feel that more experienced bodybuilders could find it lacking somewhat.

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