Axis Lab Hemodraulix Review

Axis Lab Hemodraulix Review

In Search Of The Perfect Pump – We Check Out Hemodraulix

Looking for the world’s strongest N.O supplement? Hemodraulix by Axis Lab claims to be exactly that. But do the facts stack up with the manufacturer’s claims?

The manufacturer claims that its revolutionary formula will transform workouts. By image_27397_original_X_450_whitesupporting the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, Hemodraulix boosts production of nitric oxide to bring users explosive pumps, improved strength and deeper muscle stimulation. The addition of beta alanine stimulates carsonine production to beat muscle fatigue, while arachhidonic acid helps support pump and endurance.

But does it work? We put Hemodraulix to the test…

What’s in Axis Lab Hemodraulix’s Formula?

Hemodraulix contains the following ingredients (amounts per serving):

  • Sesame seed oil (4,170mg)
  • Proprietary blend (3,000mg)  NE2 (arginine ethyl ester Di-HCL), beta alanine, di-arginine malate and arginine alpha ketoglutarate
  • Arachidonic acid
  • This supplement also contains gelatin, glycerin, purified water, sunflower lecithin, yellow beeswax, titanium dioxide and ethyl vanillin

Directions for Use

axis-labs-hemodraulix-nutritionTake six capsules 30 minutes before exercise. Because the supplement is (to quote the makers) so powerful, the manufacturer recommends never taking more than one serving a day or five servings in a week. The manufacturer also recommends taking Hemodraulix with a multivitamin.

User Feedback

Feedback from users who have tried Hemodraulix is strong. In fact, many claim that Hemodraulix is the most powerful pre-workout supplement they have ever used.

Gym goers maintain that this supplement offers brilliant pump for explosive gym workouts, and better quality, longer-lasting training sessions are cited by many users as a huge positive of this supplement. Improved endurance, energy and muscle recovery also crop up numerous times in reviews of this product. The fact that it is stimulant-free and can be effectively stacked with other products for optimal results are major plus points, too.

There are some alternative viewpoints out there, however. A handful of users claim to not have experienced anything when using Hemodraulix and say that it is a placebo, and a number of users mention that that taking six pills a day is fairly excessive.

Other comments include that the pills are somewhat large and therefore not that easy to swallow, another users complained about the greasy coating that is on the outside of the capsules (presumably to help the swallowing)

Where to buy Axis Lab Hemodraulix

This pre-workout can be purchased from the manufacturer at, and can also be found at retailers including,, and A tub containing 96 capsules (16 servings) costs around £37.00.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Axis Lab only offers its Product Guarantee Redemption Program to US customers. This issues full refunds (including shipping and handling costs) for any supplement you’re not happy with as long as its within 45 days of its purchase date.

Our Thoughts

Axis Labs do seem to have got things right with this one… the majority of reports are good, and users should (if you are able to swallow the large capsules) benefit from increased energy, pumps and faster recovery..

Its a shame that the makers do not apply their cash back guarantee outside the US, something that many worldwide users will find disappointing, to be honest, it would put us off buying….

If you are outside the US, you pay your money and take your chances..

If you want the security of a cash back guarantee (where ever you are in the world) why not check out our list of recommended pre-workout supplements?? the products listed are all clinically proven, have fantastic user ratings (minimum 98%) and offer a full cash back guarantee that applies to all buyers regardless of where you live.

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