Twinlab Nitric Fuel Review

Twinlab Nitric Fuel Review

Fuel your workouts with N.O.

Looking to take your work out to a new level? You’re in good company – there are legions of supplements out there promising to boost strength and stamina like never before when 300working out.

This intense pre-workout supplement combines the cell-volumising effects of nitric oxide with strength-boosting beta alanine and muscle-building machine creatine to add some real rocket fuel to workout. Among its promises are powerful pre and post-workout muscle pump, improved blood flow during exercise, increased strength and power, improved aerobic capability and delayed fatigue.

What’s in Twinlab Nitric Fuel’s Formula?

The manufacturer partially discloses the formula for these fast-dissolving, dual layer tablets. They contain the following:

  • Niacin (30mg)
  • Beta alanine (3200mg)
  • Power Pump Complex (2234mg)  – di-arginine, di-creatine malate, citrulline malate, aspartic acid, L-histidine
  • Glyceryl monostearate (300mg)

zfacts-twinlab-nitric-fuel-180Directions for Use

Take six tablets with 12-20 oz of water half an hour before exercising. The more you take, the better the results, but never take more than nine tablets in any one day.

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User Feedback

The Good

There are a number of positive reviews out there claiming that this product is one of the strongest muscle pump supplements available. Great pump and vascularity seems to be the main selling points of the product, with many reviewers claiming that they can see their actually veins popping out when using Nitric Fuel.

Users also draw on increased energy as a massive benefit of this supplement – many claim they feel like they could work out forever when using Nitric Fuel. Some are widely impressed with the pump effect of this supplement too, claiming that their muscles look and feel full.

The Bad

There are some negative points, though – quite a few users claim not to have experienced any effects from using this supplement at all, while others say that they wish the pump lasted a little longer.

There are also reports of users suffering stomach cramps and lethargy – something that these supplements are supposed to avoid….As with some other pill based supplements, some people complain about the size of the capsules and claim that they are difficult to consume so many at once.

sample user reviews from amazon


Where To Buy Twinlab Nitric Fuel

A tub of 90 capsules costs around $37.00 when bought directly from the manufacturer’s website at Nitric Fuel can also be found at,

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Twinlabs doesn’t appear to offer a money-back guarantee with this product.

Our Thoughts

The fact that Nitric Fuel does not contain stimulants will suit some users.. for other, perhaps more experienced users, they could find this product a little on the weak side…

Taking between 6 and 9 tablets is an awful lot to take at once, also at maximum dose, you only get 10 days supply for your money – if you take regularly, thats a serious monthly investment….

Overall – Not Bad, But We Feel There Are Better Products Out There

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What Pre-Workout Should You Buy??

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