USP Labs Yok3D EFX Review

USP Labs Yok3D EFX Review

Nail Your Workouts With Nitric Oxide

Looking to knock ‘em dead in the gym? There are piles of pre-workout supplements out thereUSP-04017-0 promising to leave you ready to conquer even the toughest workouts, but when it comes to the reality of choosing a supplement, things aren’t so clear cut.

Here we take a look at Yok3D EFX by USP Labs, which boasts a ‘multi award-winning’ formula that claims to harness the power of nitric oxide to leave you pumped and primed for anything. With details from the manufacturer hard to come by, however, let’s see what users think…

What’s in USP Labs Yok3D EFX’s Formula?

This supplement contains 3,000mg of an exclusive proprietary blend per serve. It comprises of the following ingredients:

Arginine Nitrate, vitris vinifera L (vitaceae) extract, Trichopus Zeylandicus,

Yok3D EFX also contains gelatin, magnesium stearate, silico dioxide, titanium dioxide and colouring.

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Directions for Use

Take four capsules between 20 and 30 minutes before resistance training

usp labs yok3d factsUser Feedback

Feedback on UPS Labs Yok3D EFX is mixed. Let’s start with the positives:

There are a larger amount of positive reviews out there than negative ones – these report benefits like major increases in strength and vascularity, extreme muscle pump, the ability to lift much more when working out and excellent muscle definition. People also report the ability to work out for longer, and love that the product doesn’t bring on any jitters or energy crashes.

Now for the not-so positive – numerous people claim to have experienced no results whatsoever when using this product, and claim that it’s a wasted investment.

People also mention experiencing dizziness, nausea and nose bleeds. A number of people question the quality and integrity of this product.

Where to buy USP Labs Yok3D EFX

While not available to purchase directly from the manufacturer, this supplement is easily found at a host of popular online retailers. These include, Dolphinfitness,,, and to name just a few. At the latter, a tub containing 90 capsules of Yok3D EFX costs $39.99.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

There doesn’t seem to be any money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer, so if you’re not satisfied with Yok3D EFX you have nowhere to go…

Our Thoughts

In our opinion a rather unusual and potentially weak formula.. it contains none of the more established and recognisable  energy boosters that we are more used to seeing ( and taking)

The mixed reviews don’t do much to boost any confidence in this product… It could offer some benefits to some users, but in our opinion, we think you should look elsewhere...

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