What Is The Best Way To Take A Preworkout Supplement?

What Is The Best Way To Take A Preworkout Supplement?

Powder Or Pill – What Is Best?

A question that many bodybuilders ask themselves… what is the best and most effective way of taking a pre workout supplement??

In the end it actually comes down to the individuals tastes and requirements… both offer a mix of both benefits and drawbacks… what will work for you may not work for the next guy..

Here Is A List Of Most Common Pro’s and Cons

Powderswhey protein powder - two scoops


  • Powders tend to deliver larger quantities of ingredients per serving
  • They often work quicker than pills
  • Many come in tasty flavours
  • Can be mixed with water, juice of some even with milk to suit all tastes
  • Can aid hydration


  • Having to actually measure the powder out and mix before drinking
  • Some products taste terrible and can cause repeats and wind
  • Can cause bloating
  • The large containers can be difficult to store
  • Cost – often more expensive than pills
  • Frequent washing up of bottles and scoops



  • Easy and convenient to store and take
  • Many are relatively inexpensive
  • Can be taken on the ‘go’
  • Most pills do not leave aftertaste in mouth
  • Small bottles can be carried in your gym bag
  • Effects can be longer lasting (slower more steady release of nutrients)
  • Less likely to cause an energy ‘crash’


  • Some supplements require a large number of pills to be taken to deliver maximum nutrients
  • You need to drink plenty of water to aid absorption
  • Pills tend to take longer to work
  • Some can cause stomach upsets in some users
  • When using alongside other pill based supplements, they can massively increase the number of pills taken per day.. with some pre workout pills requiring 6 or even more pills to be effective thats a lot to take per day – we have heard of bodybuilders who take 30 pills a day!!.
  • Pills tend to lose some of their effectiveness as they are broken down by the digestive system

To Sum up, both types offer some benefits, as well as having some down sides.. 

Our Thoughts

For us, we like the ease and convenience of pills over powders, we really cannot be bothered with all that measuring and mixing – not to mention the washing up after…and there are some great products that only require you taking 1or 2 pills per serving without compromising on results…

However… There is no doubt that powders get absorbed much faster, and therefore get to work a lot quicker than pills.. another thing to bear in mind that pills tend to lose a fair bit of their efficiency as they travel through the digestive system…

Whatever you buy, do your research beforehand and buy the best that you can afford…. ingredients are king, so look for fully disclosed formulas so you know exactly what you are taking….

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